Rise From The Ashes Of Divorce

Design a new life of real inspiration that is fully aligned to your Higher Self and true soul destiny



Breakup to Break Through

Many have experienced a breakup or divorce at some point in their lives. Divorce is known to be the second most traumatic life event, second only to the death of a loved one. It is a time when we often feel too overwhelmed to deal with any of the myriad of emotions we are feeling, let alone deal with all the practical issues associated with a breakup or divorce. There will be moments when all we want to do is to hide underneath the bed covers and to be as far away from the world as possible.

Many of the important decisions that will be made will be long lasting and will need to be made with a calm and clear mind. That’s where Spiritual Divorce coaching can help you. A Spiritual Divorce Coach will help you to dial down your negative emotions such as heartbreak, denial, anger, fear, jealousy and betrayal, to gain clarity and to start taking back control by providing you with successful tried and tested strategies, techniques and practical tips. You will be guided with objectivity, compassion and empathy on your journey of transformation.

Karen Tomasi is an accredited Breakup & Divorce Coach and holistic healer, specializing in Goddess empowerment and transformation of mind, body & Spirit who can help you to navigate your way through a divorce or breakup, guide you through a process of healing through to creating a newly designed life in alignment with your Higher Self. She can guide you with objectivity, compassion and empathy. Your journey of transformation will be enhanced with the inclusion of the modalities Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and intuitive healing.

Contact Karen if you are ready and willing to create a new and inspired life that is fully aligned with your Higher Self and true soul destiny.


How I can assist you

  • How to decide if your relationship really is over or whether it can be saved.
  • To support you through all the emotional and practical challenges of your breakup or divorce by helping you to dial down your negative emotions such as heartbreak, betrayal, despair, anger, guilt, fear, so that you do not constantly feel consumed by them.
  • To learn to build resilience, gain clarity, take back control and shift your focus positively to be able to cope better in daily life.
  • To turn limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and to learn to master your emotions by transmuting your emotional pain into your power.
  • Conscious uncoupling strategies to help you let go of your ex and move on positively with your life.
  • Conscious parenting.
  • To find your authentic self, to master self-love and to discover your life purpose.
  • Divorce has been the catalyst for a Spiritual Awakening and you seek guidance.
  • How to manifest your romantic soul-mate and other soul-based relationships.
  • Create a new and exciting future of your design that is in alignment with your Higher Self and true soul destiny.


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Bespoke One-to-One or Breakup & Divorce Coaching


This is a complimentary 20 Minutes call via Zoom.



Comprises of you telling your story and me providing you with some immediate help via tested strategies, techniques & practical tips to help you move forwards.


My coaching is to suit you and your specific requirements. There is also a 6 Months’ Transformation Programme available if required. Please see Services Page for details.


Qualifications and Credentials

  • Accredited Breakup & Divorce Coach (Sara Davison)
  • Master Breakup & Divorce Coach (Sara Davison) – in progress
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner I + II
  • Lightworker’s healing course (Slyvia Salow)
  • Self-Mastery Course (Simon Hinton)


Contact Karen if you are ready to design a new life of real inspiration, fully aligned to your Higher Self and true soul destiny.


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